Laser Links (Light)

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Move and rotate blocks to link them with laser beams and find the paths!The levels get harder as new types of tiles are introduced.This is a lighter version of Lazer Links – Block Puzzle, available for free on Google Play.Hopefully it will soon be available in the App Store as well.Enjoy 3 game-modes for each puzzle:Standard Mode – get as few moves as possibleCrystal Mode – light crystals for better scoresChallenge Mode – complete the level as fast as possible (hardest)Challenge Mode awards special scores based on your time and stars so get the highest one and flex your brain muscles!Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoy this!
Back or Esc Go back / Close window / Pause GameR Restart LevelCTRL+Z Undo MoveGet a Flawless Star score by preparing the paths first and firing the lasers on the last moves!I recommend using full screen on mobile since the game will auto-adjust to any resolution without becoming the least bit blurry. This includes 4k UHD!In full screen it supports both landscape and portrait mode. Brett Hundley Jersey