Skyline – The Petina Lee Story

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Skyline tells the story of Petina Lee, whose home planet is attacked by its neighbours for seemingly no reason. Armed with only a sledgehammer and anger, she must smash her way through the Phoenician forces to rescue her family, or save the city, the choice is yours…Multiple paths through the game tell different stories. Construct 2 has allowed me to fulfill a dream and publish my very first game. I run a humble retro gaming blog (www.arcadeattack.couk) and this is my tribute to platform games and also the first project I've ever finished. But I want to take it further.If you are a graphic artist, sound artist, tester, or just generally interested in indie game development please let me know as I'd love to bring a fuller version of Skyline or one of my other ideas to Steam and could really do with some help! Contact me through the site, through social media on my profile page or email you on the other side!Dylan
Keyboard – Arrow keys: Movement, Jump: X, Switch Weapon: Z, Attack: CGamepad – D-Pad: Movement, Jump: A, Switch Weapon, LB or Y, Attack: X Billy Price Womens Jersey