Revenge of Dogs&Pigs

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In 20XX, SOUTH KOREA.The Country is ruined by corrupted politicians. They treated their people like Animals.People protested with candles in their hands, but peacefully.It was Animals who pursuit them and lock them up. But, there were Government puppets who plays obstacle for you. So, Be careful.This was meant to be applied for #Resist Jam, But I gave up because this might contains the figure of the real person.
[How to play]- Touch Screen or press Keyboard to proceed. – You can use W,S key or Up,Down to control Dog leader.- Avoid Government Puppets and get Candle cups to gather followers.- When the Time limit becomes 0, The Game is over.- The Speed is also increasing whenever a line of followers increase.- Pause menu can be accessed by clicking pause button at upper right corner. Quenton Nelson Authentic Jersey